A day of vitamin sea

Since I first arrived in Oviedo I wanted to go hiking. However, I don’t really have time during the week, and weekends had been rainy for awhile. This past weekend was the perfect opportunity to finally explore the nearby nature.

The day started a bit rushed as my friend and I almost missed the 12 o’clock bus, which would not have been a really big deal as the buses run every half hour, but we wanted to start our adventure already. Luckily we just made it, and I was on my way to Gijon (a nearby city), with three amazing people I met in my program.

We walked for about 4 miles along the coast, admiring the view as well as unique sculptures sprinkled throughout the path, before arriving at the park. Though Floridians would surely say it was too cold (50 degrees) it actually felt really nice out, especially in the sun. Even with the brisk wind making my eyes water, nose run, and fingers numb, I could not really complain. I was having great conversations with my friends, and observing a scene that only eyes can truly capture (but don’t worry I still took plenty of photos).  About halfway to the park (our final destination) my friends and I picknicked facing the ocean and listening to waves crash.

When we arrived at the park we climbed to the highest hill where there was a structure meant to resemble a boat, which people can climb to get a better vantage point, and a playground. So naturally four college students head straight for the swings and the jungle gym. Eventually we made our way to the ship-like figure, which did indeed have a beautiful view, before hiking four miles back to downtown Gijon.



Before heading home we rested our legs by sitting and watching the Real Madrid soccer match at a cafe, where I of course ordered churros con chocolate. We also explored downtown a bit more, since I had only really seen a small portion of the city when I visited for Carnaval.

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