Some Fresh Air in Berlin

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Berlin for five days. This trip truly was a breath of fresh air and just when I needed it most. Berlin and Paris are completely different cities in so many ways, and I loved experiencing a new culture. To me Berlin felt like a much bigger melting pot of cultures, I think I may have actually heard more english and french than german! It was definitely a cheaper city, and the food was delicious, like this margarita pizza I got my second night there.

I also had the opportunity to explore some of the historical monuments in Berlin, like Check Point Charlie and the Berlin wall. These amazing and heart breaking monuments were so powerful, and I was so happy I got the opportunity to see them in person. 



I think I was most excited about the beautiful green spaces all around me. The parks there, while still gray with winter were more wild and free. It was nice to see trees in their natural state, untamed. It made me realize how deeply I connect to nature and how energized I feel when I am in nature.

I had the privilege to participate in a three day choreographic workshop lead by Heidi Weiss, an amazing and talented dancer and choreographer. She was so friendly and encouraging, and my inner choreographer is excited to use the tools she gave me. After the choreographic workshop we learned some of Crystal Pite and Jiri Kylian’s repertory. I can’t begin to explain how exciting it was to learn these pieces from such talented dancers.

Berlin is definitely some place I can see myself visiting again soon!

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