Art Across Paris

There is a jaw-droppingly large number of museums in Paris. Even after being here for a month I haven’t made my way to anywhere near all of them, and in the largest ones like the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay I feel as though I’ve barely touched the surface. I am incredibly thankful for my French visa, as it allows me to enter public museums for free, so I can go back as many times as I like. When you don’t have to push your way through a whole museum, you find you can absorb the art around you more, and take longer in front of pieces that really speak to you. Seeing and feeling art can be exhausting, and I love that I can stop and go home whenever I want to.  In my time at the museums around Paris I made a point to take pictures not only of the most famous paintings, but of the ones that really spoke to me. For many works of art I can’t put into words why I find them so beautiful, but I thought I could share them here. Hopefully one of them speaks to you.








Azzedine Alaia






As you can probably tell, I really loved the Picasso Museum. Each of these artists is unique and groundbreaking, and seeing these pieces of art live is such a gift!

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