Top 5 Cafes and Boulangeries


Located only a few minutes from the Seine, this cute little cafe has an incredibly friendly atmosphere. The staff are all bilingual, and happy to have a chat in English. Their coffee is the traditional french style, ranging from an espresso to a café crème, and their banana bread is amazing. It may look a bit cramped, especially on busy afternoons, but rest assured there’s always space for one more!



At the moment this is my favorite wifi cafe. Tucked away in the 5th arrondissement, any food or drink will buy you unlimited time camped out in this cozy little workspace. And if you need a short break from your work, there’s probably someone to talk to. In the few times I’ve been there so far, numerous english speaking travelers from all over have passed through, and I’ve had some great conversations. This is also a great place if you’d like a heartier breakfast than the tradition bread with jam, or if you’re craving something other than coffee like a chai or matcha tea.


Boulangerie Marceaux

There’s nothing totally remarkable about this little boulangerie, but I adore it. The staff are warm and encouraging of any limited french skills. Their paninis are delicious and cheap, and they always have some fresh baguettes. My absolute favorite thing about this place is their café crème, which is always fresh and incredibly creamy. The best part is you can’t sit down! I know it’s a strange thing to be excited about, but the french enjoy their leisure time, and finding a place that does coffee to go is no small feat. I love knowing I can stop in, grab what I need and be on my way with a warm little espresso to wake me up!



There are several Anticafes around Paris all with the same cool concept. For a flat fee per hour you get access to free wifi, drinks, snacks, books and more. It’s a really cool shared workspace if you want to get some work done, and have a meal. There are many other shared workspaces around Paris with similar models, but I love the friendly atmosphere, plus they give student discounts!


Le Pain Quotidien

This bright spacious cafe has a lot to offer. One of my favorite things in Paris is the cut in price for food and drink when you take it to go. This is implemented here at Le Pain, allowing you to grab your breakfast or lunch and set out for the day with more money in your pocket! And their coffees are significantly bigger than the typical Parisian cafe. If you opt for the bigger size it almost feels like a medium Starbucks drink, a size that’s pretty rare here. And if you decide to stay and sit for a while, the atmosphere is spacious and comforting. Their food is so fresh and tastes amazing.

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