How Paris has Influenced my Thought Process

I am an Artist…
Throughout my existence on earth, I have stood by witnessing many people commit their entire lives to the search of why we exist. However, I have realized that searching is an endless cycle of distractions. Since I have discovered that the true meaning of life lives inside of every natural being on earth. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate my time here to learn and respect my being, while allowing myself to evolve daily. Growing up in America, religion was force upon me as the only secure path spiritual enlightenment, but what have I really gained from its path? I will advocate its ability to unite individuals, through fellowship, while introducing biblical laws of order, art/culture. However, I stand here today, whole heartedly recognizing that religion has disconnected me from the divine power thriving inside of me. It has taught me to ignore myself and give all my energy to a system designed to disconnect me from true life, causing me to expect peace/spiritual enlightenment to come from an external force.

Surprisingly, college experiences sparked change in my life, and I’m not speaking of time spent in lecture classes where my personal existence does not matter. I am speaking on the opportunity to isolate myself form distractions, and “just be,” without expectations placed upon me by outside beings. This is where the artist within me shines brightly!

In the eyes of many, the ARTS are only valuable in the “REAL WORLD,” to entertain and inspire others. However, the Artist inside me strongly disagree. I have lived many lives through art and in each lifetime, have found a deeper meaning of life. Most importantly, artistic experiences have taught me the value of eternal life, when one is freed from systematic disconnections; which separates humanity from nature/ demonizing everything that corresponds with the nature of the human species. Yet, Glorifying/promoting life in its most unnatural form.

With this being stated, I have learned that there shouldn’t be a race to the finish line. For the finish line is filled with death; both physically and spiritually. Because of such discoveries, I am receptive to trails/tribulations placed in my life, and artistically inspired by its wisdom. Such inspirations will keep my creative processes uncontained, unconditional, and authentic.

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