A Week in Seconds

I wanted to do something different this week, and give everyone a glimpse into Paris through my eyes. This isn’t exactly a Day in the Life video because I feel like I should be here a little longer before I do that. Instead I have recorded a few seconds at a time in each of the places I have gone this past week. In the short snippets you will see the Notre Dame, the Picasso Museum, the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, and several other glimpses into my time with my fellow classmates as we explore the city. I feel that words can only go so far in capturing the amazing amount of access we have to art and culture here, and how lucky we are as students to be allowed free access to most major museums in the city. While pictures are worth a lot in capturing the world around be, a felt being able to hear the noises and look around as I do in real life, it allowed anyone to feel one step closer to Paris! My goal is to upload a kind of video diary around once a month to continue a more sensory guide of Paris and the other cities I will visit.

Here’s the link to the video, check it out! : https://vimeo.com/254181087

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