Foodie at heart!

I don’t think I realized how much of a foodie I really am until I came to Spain. I love trying all the new foods my host mom puts on my plate, and think I am really adjusting to the Spanish diet. I’ve been eating lots of rich soups (and purees) and fried vegetables, and tons and tons of freshly baked bread.

One of my favorite food I’ve tried is raw plantain. I was skeptical to try them at first because the types of plantains I would by in the U.S. my real family always fries. Once my host mom assured me I can eat them raw I quickly peeled one. It tasted very similar to a banana, but perhaps a little bit sweeter, with a slightly different texture. It was similar enough that I asked my mom if this is just what they call bananas. She responded that they are indeed different fruits and the full name is “el plátano canario” (plantains from the Canary Islands). A few days ago I tried a plantain milkshake, and again it was similar to a banana milkshake, but creamier and tastier in my opinion.

Dinner last night was a unique experience for me. My host mom gave me pumpkin and zucchini puree with a traditional Spanish plate, “pescado frita.” Pescado frita is exactly what it translates to: fried fish. I’ve had fried fish many times before, but always ate it with a fork and knife. These fish were very little however, and were a finger food. I had to pick up the little fish and eat it kind of like I would corn on the cob. While this did gross me out a bit initially, getting my hands a little dirty could not compete with the tasty flavor.

A drink I always make myself get while abroad is coffee. While I do not drink coffee a lot home, and I’m really more of a tea person, I feel like so many countries have a unique coffee. So far I have only had one cafe con leche (coffee with milk), and I look forward to many more!

Lastly, I suffer from a case of sweet tooth. Lucky for me Spain is loaded with churro places that sell quite an array of churros along with a thick hot chocolate for dipping! One of my missions throughout my time here is definitely to find the best churro spot.

churro with chocolate filling
churro with cream filling

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