Something New Every Day

It’s been two weeks in France so far, and already I have learned so much! My first week was spent attending orientations, finding all the beautiful locations for my classes, and figuring out how to ask for coffee in french. We had a lovely grounding yoga class on Friday, followed by a breathtaking performance choreographed by Anne Teresa deKeersmaeker called “A Love Supreme”. We then closed the week with a city-wide scavenger hunt, and boy is this one big city. Everywhere you look there is art and history, built in to everyday life. C’est belle! This past week we have launched into our french classes along with a steady stream of dancing. Both have provided a challenge but so far I have been able to keep up well and adjust to this new routine.

What I have learned about Paris so far:
The metro here is much like those found in major American cities like New York or San Francisco, if anything it may actually be a bit easier to navigate here. While my french is extremely limited, a “Bonjour” and “Merci” will get you a long way. Many times they can spot you by your accent right away, and will switch to whatever English they know to make it easier for you. The coffee here ise very small, and only in the scattered Starbucks’ will you find your favorite latte or frappuccino. And on the topic of food and drink, breakfast in Paris is bread bread bread! Whether it’s croissants or baguettes, the french seem to be firm believers in a little espresso and some bread to start their day.

What I have learned in my classes and workshops so far:
I had the absolute privilege of taking class with one of Serge Aime Coulibaly’s dancers, Ahmed Soura followed by a Q&A with both Soura and Coulibaly. They both had so much wisdom to impart, within in dance itself and the world around us as a whole. I encourage everyone to look up Coulibaly’s work, as it is both stunning and heart breaking in how he shows the struggles of Burkina Faso and the fight for human rights. Every moment here is teaching me something about myself and the person I want to be when I leave Paris, I can’t wait to learn more!

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