Wild Week One

I have been in Spain a little more than a week now, and this first week honestly has not gone as smoothly as I hoped. While I expected there to be some troubles and culture shock, as there tends to be when visiting another country, I did not anticipate having to change my living arrangements. For multiple reasons my current homestay has not been suitable, and tomorrow I am going to meet my new Spanish family. I am really excited, but even more nervous than the first time I was given a host family, because I am afraid things won’t work out again. However, I spoke to my new host mom on the phone and I am feeling quite optimistic!

Switching families is one of the hardest things I have had to do, but it will be worth it. The overall process was quite easy: I contacted the housing person here and after a few emails back and forth she said she’d find me a new family. This has been difficult for me because I liked to think it would get better, and kept wanting to give my host mom more chances because there were some really good moments. I also felt really bad leaving, and was scared to come home and tell my host mom I am moving. In the end, I could not imagine spending the next five months here, and I have to do what is best for me to enjoy my study abroad experience.

Besides my host family mess, everything else about Oviedo has been absolutely amazing. My classmates and teachers are all really nice, and I feel like I’ve known my new friends for years even though it has only been a week! I love exploring the city and have already figured out how to walk most places without a map. Oviedo has a unique mix of beautiful old buildings as well as more modern architecture. I’ve also had fun interacting with Spanish people and practicing using the language. I am already thinking in Spanish much faster than I was before, and sometimes the Spanish word for something will come to mind quicker than the English one!

Click below to see some neat pictures 🙂

churros con chocolate

la Catedral

pretty old buildings! 

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