Its Been A Long Time Coming, But I’m Finally Here! PARIS!


My name is Mary L. Kerr Durant,and my life is about to take a drastic turn. I am a Junior Studying Dance and African Studies at the University of South Florida. The USF Dance in Paris study abroad program has been on the top of my college bucket list, since I step foot on to USF’s beautiful campus. Fortunately, January 2018,I have the opportunity to check it off the list! I have many goals and aspirations geared toward dance techniques and choreography, however my greatest aspiration is learning to read, write, and speak french fluently. Prior to college, I completed two years of french, but never in a million years did I think I would use it in a French speaking country like Paris. Now, that I have the opportunity to perfect the language, embrace France’s symbolic culture, and experience Ballet in its birth place, I am dedicating my time here leave my mark on this influential country! 

The scholarship I received was the Mark and Kay scholarship. Because of this scholarship, Financial burdens were drastically reduced. Through out my life finances were the root of concern, each time I tried pursing anything that could benefit me as an Artist, Scholar, or person. Fortunately, 2018 has different plans for my aspirations and I, with the universe backing all decisions,while making way for my greatness to shine internationally!

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