Away I Go!


Hola blogging world,

My name is Katya and I am a sophomore at USF. I have always loved traveling and learning about other cultures. I believe that immersing in other places surroundings is one of the best ways to understanding and accepting cultural differences. I’ve wanted to study abroad for a while, and before applying to college I always checked that a school had good study abroad programs.

It has been quite a process to get to study abroad this Spring 2018 semester from driving to Miami to get my student visa to filling out an undesirable amount of paperwork. But I know that every bit of hard work has been worth it because studying abroad will surely be an unforgettable experience. In a few days I will arrive in Oviedo, Spain. I am really excited to meet my host family and the other students. I also cannot wait to explore the nature parks of Oviedo as well as try local foods.

Though I am sad another wonderful winter break is coming to an end, I am eager to begin classes at the University of Oviedo. I will be participating in La Casa de Las Lenguas program, which focuses on teaching foreign students Spanish in subjects ranging from history to literature to politics. This is perfect for my major, World Languages and Cultures with concentrations in Applied Linguistics and Spanish. I studied Spanish throughout high school, and spent two weeks in Costa Rica in an immersion program. While I do know a decent amount of Spanish, I am hoping that by the end of my time in Spain I will be fluent.

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