Reflection on My Experience!

The study abroad trip that I just took to Italy was one of the best/craziest decisions of my life an it has ultimately made me grow as a person in so many aspects. However, the part of my life that has had the most impact on me from this trip is my global citizenship. I really feel that because of the experiences I have had this trip, I have grown to respect and admire many other cultures that are different than my own. I have opened my eyes to the rest of the world and embraced everything that this beautiful planet has to offer.

At the end of my trip I have now been able to recognize and respect goal number 17 of the UN sustainable development goals. This goals entitled, “partnership for the goals” seeks to show the importance of nations and culture partnering together to fully achieve and fulfill all of the previous goals set forth. Because of this trip I have been able to fully understand how much every culture has to offer and that the only way to cure the inequalities of the world is to bring a little bit of each society together. There is no such thing as a perfect society, but I truly believe that if every nation of the world were to respect and attempt to work together to create a more cohesive and advanced society, the world would be much better off.

The experiences I had were absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is thinking about studying abroad! My favorite place that I visited during this trip had to be Cinque Terre! This was an extremely surprising result from my trip as I had no idea that this place even existed before my trip. The scenery that I encountered and was able to observe was honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life. Again, I had an amazing time and would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is even remotely thinking about studying abroad!

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