How Energy is Used

In the last week that I was in Italy, temperatures during the day were above a 100˚F, reaching up to 105˚F on some days if not higher. You could feel the air burning as it hit your face when you walked but there was no humidity and it didn’t feel the temperature was really that high at times.

One of the things that you notice immediately in Italy is that most places are not air conditioned like they are in the States. Fans are more common throughout the areas. Even if the houses do have AC, they are not used unless the temperature is really high (like the last week I was there). In the daytime, the windows and shutters are kept closed and opened during the evening to ventilate the house and let the cool air in. Even though most people were not a fan of how AC was rarely used, everyone eventually was used to it. To have an AC and be able to use it in Italy, it is expensive and one has to make sure they do not use too many other electrical appliances at the same time. It really forces one to see how they are using energy resources and to not waste them. This goes directly with one of the UN Goals, Affordable and Clean Energy. The goal is to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” As clearly seen in Italy, AC is not affordable for all and rare throughout the area. However, the people do use their resources efficiently.

Even with the heat and minimum AC, Italy was wonderful! I still went out to explore the area and try the various gelato places. One of my favorite places was Gelateria dei Neri. I would definitely go visit again, if given the chance.

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