Healthcare in Italy

 Time flew by so fast and I can’t believe I am already back in the States! It feels like the last six weeks were just a dream and unfortunately I had to wake up all too soon. 😦

I learned so many things while I was there. Italy is one of the countries that has universal healthcare and is still working on ways to improve. As a part of my class I had to research about the emergency care that was present in Italy and one of the things I learned was that there are several volunteer organisations in Italy that provide ambulance services to the people. Some include the Misericordia and the Croce Rossa Italiana. The Misericordia is one of the oldest and most prestigious organisations found in 1244 and the Crossa Rossa Italiana was found during the 2nd bloodiest war in Italy. These organisations train their volunteers, are associated with the national emergency service, and provide service free of charge. This reminded me of one of the UN Goals, Good Health and Well-Being. The goal is to be able to provide service and care to all of the people if they need it. Italy is working towards that as most services and doctors are covered by the national health service. As with any system there are some issues but an attempt to resolve them is being made.

Living in Italy was definitely a unique experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone! It really adds to the experience when you are not trying to rush to the main monuments and buildings in an attempt to see everything you can but being able to sit there and enjoy it. Some of my favourite places to go to and just sit and observe everyone were the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza Michelangelo! I would also recommend going to both places during sunset, it is absolutely breathtaking.

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