India ISM Summer 2017 Sites Visited

Our first field trip off of the Infosys campus took us to sites around Mysore. Our first stop was the Palace, and we went on a guided tour through the halls and saw some amazing art (no pictures allowed) of historical events and the royal family. Our second stop was a Hindu temple atop a hill; there’s a story that women make the 1000 step journey up the hill to find blessing and good fortune in their search for a husband. This temple is dedicated to Shiva, the deity that slew the demon Mysuru, which the city is named after. Several hundred steps down the hill lies a Brahman Bull statue, a must-see for USF students. Next, we stopped by a government store that sold silk sarees and other souvenirs. Our last stop was St. Philomena’s Church, a beautiful building that was quite a different style of architecture and almost made you feel like you were in Europe.

Our second, yet impromptu, field trip was to downtown Mysore where we saw the huge market with many produce stands and other vendors.

Our third field trip led us to a Tibetan Buddhist Temple, where the refugees found shelter during China’s communist expansion. We were led around the campus by two of the monks, with a rich description of the history of the temple, the beliefs, practices, and traditions.

We had another impromptu and short off-campus experience: we went to Momo House for dinner. This was without a doubt the best meal I had so far, and is definitely worth the trip; beg Manju to let you go!

One of our last field trips from Mysore was a long drive to Bangalore, where we toured the Infosys campus and met with some executives for more discussion and professional development. Then, we got to experience some of the downtown Bangalore.

I hope you found this informative, thank you for taking the time to read my post!

If you’d like to reach out, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have:


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