Ciao Italia!

It’s surreal that these six weeks have flown by so quickly! Waking up in my room in Tampa made it seem like Italy was just one very long dream. However, all the messages and pictures remain from the trip which reassures me that the wonderful experiences were very real. The classes that I had taken were very rewarding as well, and I not only gained knowledge, but also wisdom from my professors. As a result of my classes, I know who I want to strive to be as a person, as well as what direction I would like to go in the future career-wise.


After witnessing the universal healthcare in place and interacting with some patients while in various clinics and hospitals, I would like to see the gradual change in the US to a universal healthcare system where everyone is promised health care and people do not withhold treatment just to save their families from financial burdens. Making sure everyone has access to medical care is a passion of mine, and I will continue to do what I can to help make this a reality.


My time in Italy also has made me more open to others’ ways of life. Being in a different country for six weeks has allowed me to see how others live, and accept how they act as a norm instead of applying my own sense of normality to their lives. This helped me see different ways of approaching situations and let me question why I viewed my norms as what should be commonplace. I am more inclined to question myself and reflect upon why I choose to live the way that I do.


Overall, this trip has introduced me to many lovely people that I will continue to keep in touch with, taught me how to live on my own, and gave me the experience of a lifetime. I will miss Italy dearly, but hopefully it will accept me as its visitor sometime in my future!

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