Hello Venice!

I have always dreamed of going to Venice and I  had an idea of what it would be like. Once I got here, all the expectations I had were blown out of the water! It was unlike any other place I have ever been to and it has easily become my favorite location in Italy. The Grand Canal acts as the main “road” and the beautiful architecture creates an amazing backdrop. Cars and bicycles are prohibited in Venice because it would be hard to use these modes of transportation since there are so many bridges and narrow streets. I think that using the Grand Canal as their main source of transportation is part of Venice’s charm.

As I was walking through Italy there are many houses and buildings that have been restored but there are also buildings that still maintain its history. Some of the buildings have paint that is peeling off or the bricks are apparent and all of this is the product sea levels rising every year. The people of Venice are no stranger to their homes or businesses being flooded and they are worried that if nothing is done their city could disappear.  The rapid increase in sea levels throughout the years is attributed to climate change. While I was in Venice there was an exhibition from Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn called Support. This 5,000 pound sculpture is of two hands coming out of the Grand Canal and holding up the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel in Venice. This sculpture is a message for scientists, policy makers, and citizens to take action against our impact on climate change. Lorenzo chose to make his sculpture of two hands because he wants to display the tools that can help save the world but have also been destroying it. I would hate to see this amazing city be destroyed due to our carbon footprint. In Italy, by law, everyone is required to recycle and people try to reduce their carbon footprint by only using a bike as their mode of transportation. Living in Italy has made me more conscious about the environment and about climate change



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