“A picture is worth a thousand words”…I just want to share some pictures of some of the other places I explored as my trip wraps up.  Some of these places I explored with my class, some with a friend, and some on my own.

First pictures are of an olive oil farm near Florence.  This farm has been around for hundreds of years.  It is a good example of the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Decent Work and the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Industry.

With my class, I also visited the Florence Museum of Natural History which was in a very beautiful building.  I found the exhibits similar to the Museum of Natural History in New York but smaller.  I’m sharing photos of the butterfly collection, the brains exhibit, and the anatomy exhibit…

On my own, I explored the Boboli Gardens on the other side of the Arno River, here in Florence…

Of course, one must see Michaelangelo’s status of David at the Accademia Gallery.  I explored this with my friend.

You can’t see Michaelangelo’s work without visiting where he is buried.  Here are some photos of my exploration of Santa Croce in Florence where Michaelangelo, Gallileo, and Machiavelli are buried…

Lucca, the walled city, was my quick visit on my last Sunday.  While most of my study abroad friends visited Capri Island, I stayed North to finish projects and study except for a few hours where I decided to explore on my own.  I bought a train ticket and rode over to the peaceful town of Lucca where I got to watch a reenactment of a sword fight take place on top of the city wall.  Here are some pictures…

Finally, the food…When I first got to Florence, I would eat at the restaurants chosen by my new, study abroad friends.  An Irish Pub and a Mexican Cantina were popular.  Then, I started to explore on my own.  I found a ramen noodle house that was much like Ichicoro in Tampa.  There are all types of restaurants, Asian, Irish, American, Mexican, in Florence, but I loved the Italian restaurants.  My roommates were great cooks, but I am not.  I ate their meals once or twice but because I didn’t have the skills to contribute much, I mostly ate at restaurants.  I tried to not eat at the same place more than twice.  I chose my restaurants with my budget in mind.  Pizza was cheap.  I gained a better liking for sandwiches–paninis–and tomatoes, zucchini, and basil.  Once I had a meal that was steak in wine sauce with potatoes–that was a splurge.  Below is a picture of the greatest sandwich ever.  It had prosciutto, mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil on Italian bread.

Well, that is a wrap…I am home now although my checked bag did not make my flight with me.  Hopefully, I will get it tonight.  Thanks, Global Citizens Project for helping me to have these experiences!



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