I am finally on my plane setting off to finally go home. The FUA staff, USF Professors, and Italian doctors made my trip and overall experience an unforgettable one. I cannot thank you enough for their kindness and generosity. The people and culture of Italy have opened my eyes to the difference in our cultures. For our last and final day, a few friends and I decided to head to the piazzale michelangelo to look at the beautiful sunset and city one last time. Saying goodbye is painfully hard. I never imagined how fast and how hard I could fall in love with a city. I distinctly recall landing at the airport and not knowing what to expect. I was not sure if I would survive without a car, bike, or any means of transportation except my two own feet. Yet, I realized that I love walking and I love Italian weather. There is barely any rain and just sunny days everywhere I go. I loved it and I miss it already as I am soon going to board my plane for departure. I had no idea how drastically my life could change by living here, with each moment bringing a new awareness of the world, a new appreciation of my surroundings. Nothing can fill my heart with more joy than staring at a replica of David during the night in a deserted piazza della Signoria, listening to the soothing rhythm of the morning bells of the Duomo. Arrivederci, Italy! Until next time!

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