Some of the Best Sites in Italy

Ciao Everyone!

This Blog I wanted to talk about some of the best sites I’ve seen so far here in Florence Italy. These sites are in no particular order being that it would be nearly impossible to rank their beauty. There are, however, only five which I have chosen to share with you. The first is the beautiful oceanic view of Cinque Terre, this magnificent city captivated me with ever turn of a street with its incredible landscape and its beautiful hiking views. The second on my list is the amazing tip of the Duomo in Florence. This view gives you a complete 360 of the entire city of Florence and is well worth the trek up all those steps! the third view which is one I will never forget, was the view of the Statue of David by Michael Angelo. This sculpture is one that demands at least one full hour of gazing, if its sheer size does not capture your attention enough then the pure detail and accuracy of the anatomy should certainly do the trick. The fourth view goes to the amazing Trevi Fountain located in Rome, Italy. The fifth and final view which captivated me each and every day was the store front of the Gelato shop which was located very close to my apartment which was called My Sugar. I hope you’ll go check these places out next time you take a fun trip to Italy!




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