Where One Door Closes, Another Opens

Hola todos!

Welcome to the final post on my study aboard experience! It has almost been a week since I left London and I must say… I am so sad! I miss Europe so much. Every city had something so divine about them, so unique. I think Europe was the perfect place to do my first study aboard; it kind of breaks you into the realization that the world is most certainly not like the U.S., even though everyone considers Western Europe and the U.S. as a connected entity or “The West.” However, anyone can see that London differs from the U.S. in such subtle ways like not normally splitting the check or the existence of air conditioner. These little differences are what I believe can help students adjust to cultural shock more easily. After tackling small cultural differences, one would be ready to take on bigger challenges such as countries were the language is completely different or the reversal of the seasons in the southern hemisphere.

Looking back on my experiences, I believe that I was able to achieve a better understanding of London culture and how that formed the foundations of which the society thrives on today. All of the museums and walking tours we experiences put pieces together of what makes the UK what it is today. History paving the road for the

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