JUST about done… Sadly

I am done… Sadly with my Study Abroad experience in London. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life, hands down. The program requires a student to take at least 6 credit hours or two classes in London but you really take 3 classes here. London is one of those classes. Let me explain; walking down the street, maneuvering through the Underground, purchasing food in the market, talking to a Londoner are all learning experiences to me.

I’ve met so many kind and unique individuals here. I honestly don’t think I would’ve have had the chance to personally get to know any of them back in Tampa. But here, you get this unique opportunity to express yourself out of the normal. You, kind of, get a chance to do things you otherwise wouldn’t have done at home and that’s great. “Experiencing change is the closest thing to being wise” is something my father would always tell me. The same can go for the professors, they all encourage us to visit the various places around the city, and give us homework to do with our eyes. I didn’t know how I would feel at the beginning of this trip, if I would know anybody, if I would be comfortable without my room or my familiarities. But now I am glad and thankful to have had the blessing to study here. I want to thank the my family, the University of South Florida, the staff, the proffesors, the students, and the people of London for allowing me to grow and experience change. Thanks.

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