USF Physician Observation Experience

As we quickly approach the end of this study abroad journey, there have been many experiences that have stood out this Summer – one of them being the observations through the USF physician observation program.

It has been an eye-opening experience to be able to interact with health professionals from different medical areas, as well as get the chance to do a few observations in patient settings. As a pre-med student who is still trying to narrow down my interests in the medical field, this opportunity was definitely helpful in getting an idea of what the jobs in certain fields entail. Being able to have one-on-one time with different doctors and get their honest opinion about medically-related issues provided me with a wider perspective of health care and how I should be thinking about it at a global scale.

Although I enjoyed all the observation opportunities, my favorite of all would have to be the robotic surgical observation at Careggi Hospital. A group of us had a great time observing various robotic surgeries in one day, as well as getting a first hand view of the surgery through the Da Vinci surgical device. The staff at the hospital was very welcoming and cooperative with us. Also, the surgeons provided us with a step to step explanation of each surgical procedure and the reasoning behind each action taken.

This is definitely a great opportunity for students that are low on observation hours and would like to get some insight of various fields.


(Pictures taken by Dr. Janna Merrick)

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