Physician Observation Experiences

During this trip, I am taking a class called physician observation in which we observe different physicians of different fields as well as learn more about the Italian Health Care system. One of the first observations we saw was at a clinic in which we learned about Chinese medicine. The doctor had a more holistic approach to the medical field. His ideas were different than what I had previously heard about, but they were very interesting and informative.

Another observation was at a hospital in which I got to see, for the first time, robotic surgery. It was so interesting since the doctor was not even near the body during the entire procedure. It looked like he was playing a video game. It was also such a low stress environment, and the doctor had time and was willing to explain to us details about the surgery. At the end, the doctor allowed me to touch a part of a patient’s bladder after it was removed to feel for the cancerous tumors.

Another observation I greatly enjoyed was at a dermatologist’s office. We saw and learned many different things there. I saw many mole check ups, and the doctor explained to us some ways in which benign moles are different than cancerous ones. We also saw small surgeries or “shavings” of small moles on the skin. It was incredibly informative.

Observing doctors in Italy has taught me so much and given me may opportunities that I would not have had in Florida.

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