Just a Small Pisa My Week

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of taking a well-needed break from studying biochemistry by taking a train to Pisa with two of my roommates. While traveling on the train, I got to see the Italian countryside pass while the light of the brilliant Italian sun beat down on the sides of the grassy hills.


Riding on the train brought to my attention the convenience of public transportation. Although cities are much more expansive in the United States, I believe that we would benefit greatly if we entertained the thought of expanding public transportation, such as creating more high speed trains. It would lessen the carbon footprint of our country, as well as give people who don’t have the financial means an affordable way to travel within their own country. This is simply food for thought, and I hope that I will live in a world where this blossoms into reality. The idea of building a high-speed train system ties into the UN’s sustainable development goal “decent work and economic growth.” Creating a new rail-way system could provide many people with jobs in the construction phase, as well as later maintenance of the system.

As we arrived in Pisa, we arrived in a world much calmer than Florence. We were pleasantly surprised that the same, lovely Arno flowed through the city. We got a bite to eat a local restaurant and I ended up getting pizza (like always) with the new addition of buffalo mozzarella! It was very delicious and I would absolutely get it again!

Once we walked the streets and arrived at the leaning tower, I was overcome with a magical feeling as a result of being at such a well-known landmark. What ensued was half an hour of awkward posing to achieve the perfect balance of pictures that included pushing the tower up and down. It was nice seeing that people from every country and from every race come with their families and loved ones to take the same silly pictures as the many individuals the day before.


Once our hearts had been filled with an abundance of silly pictures, we walked around the beautiful area surrounding the leaning tower. The architecture was astounding and we were blessed to be able to witness it on such a nice day.


Overall, it was nice to spend the weekend in a place where we could stroll around and experience life slowly.

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