It’s a wrap

The day I have been dreading has come, I’m at the airport about to board my flight and fly home. This last week has been a great ending to a wonderful program. I have done so many wonderful things but yet our list of things we wanted to do and see kept growing even by the end of the program and we just couldn’t complete everything. This week we ate out a lot at quite a few different new restaurants, it was nice going to different areas and having different types of food. On Monday, with my behavioral class we went and visited the oldest running mental health hospital. One of the old administration building had been turned into a museum of the mind. So we looked around in the museum for a while and then after we left we stopped at this cute pub called “The Crown.” This pub had a nice back yard seating area and since it was such a pretty day out we sat outside. We all had a drink or two and ate some food. Thursday evening was one of the highlights of the whole week. My girls and I had a reservation at this place called the “Sky Pod Bar.” This bar was located on the very top floor of this tall office building that was nicknamed the Walkie Talkie and also had a sky garden. We got all dressed up nice, had a couple of drinks and admired the magnificent night view of the city. Then on Friday, we went out for our final breakfast at this cute restaurant called the “Breakfast club”, they certainly have some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. After our breakfast we headed back to the dorms and got ready for our big program wide Afternoon Tea. At the tea, scones, finger sandwiches, and various pastries were provided a long with our tea. Once the tea concluded we had one final place we wanted to eat before we had to leave London the following day. This place had all different types of mac and cheese and is called the “Mac Factory.”  I’m a big mac and cheese lover and have high standards for mac and cheese and this place defiantly well exceeded my standards, best mac and cheese I’ve had in my life. That night my friend and her cousin that flew in from her journey in Germany we went out to our favorite bar “Be At One” and had some drinks and just celebrated the ending of our program.

I’ve made some incredible life long memories and met some really great friends. Going to London was the single greatest experience I have ever had in my life.

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