Peace, views, and paradise near the border of Switzerland

Boating at Lake Como
Hiking Lake Como
Clear pool of water
Clear pool of water 2

Last Friday after organic chemistry, a friend of mine and I took a train from Florence to Milan, switched trains, and took a different train from Milan to Varenna.  Our journey demonstrates the UN sustainable development goal of industry, innovation, and infrastructure because the train system is so extensive and commonly used.  On our return to Florence, though, our first train was cancelled.  We took the next one and only arrived back an hour later than planned.

Our destination was Lake Como for the weekend.  A UN Sustainable development goal is peace, justice and strong institutions.  Lake Como demonstrates peace due to how the lake straddles the border that Italy shares with Switzerland.  The peacefulness of the cities on Lake Como and near the Switzerland border show just how well the European nations work with each other.  The European Union is an exemplary institution in showing how peace, cooperation and allegiance can be shared between nations.  Although Switzerland isn’t apart of the EU, it is part of the European Free Trade Association.  It is still able to be a good example of how neighboring countries can have good relations with each other.

Varenna and other cities around the lake are beautiful with the water being the main attraction.  Beaches, boating, kayaking, cave exploring and viewing waterfalls were some of the attractions of Lake Como.  The surrounding mountains, too, made the place even more unreal.  Hiking, canyoning, and rock climbing are some added activities that the surrounding mountains provide to the cities and the area.  It offers a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to the people who live and visit which makes the peace between the nations of the Lake Como area reach the souls of the people.

Varenna, Lake Como

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