My trip to Villa Donatello Private Hospital

Four students including myself were able to observe a few surgeries at the Private hospital, Villa Donatello Casa di Cura. We were able to observe Dr. Silvio Zuccarini, a wonderful ophthalmologist with a great reputation in Tuscany. We began with 2 cataract surgeries, followed by a patient with high Myopia (a prescription of about -17). After these procedures we were able to stay for 5 more patients. This visit has definitely opened my mind to Ophthalmic Surgery and I believe that any aspiring physician needs to obtain the chance to observe an ophthalmic surgery. We also talked a lot with one of his assistants who spoke english really well. He gave us a tour of the facility and also talked a lot about how much of an honor it is to be able to be observing under Dr. Silvio Zuccarini. It truly was a blessing and honor as a surgery that usually takes medical professors 3-4 hours to do, took Dr. Zuccarini a mere 30 minutes to complete.

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