The Final Days….

The past four weeks in London have been life-changing and I truly made memories that I will cherish always. My time here is coming to an end and although I am sad to leave, I am very grateful for this opportunity to study abroad and the chance to learn more about public health. This trip has opened my eyes and mind further and has allowed me to view major public health issues from a new perspective. I have had the opportunity to go to many public health organizations while in London and have learned all about the extensive work they do to prevent diseases and promote healthy living.

For my last day of class, we went on an excursion to Oxfam which is a global Emergency Relief organization. Oxfam works to provide people with clean water, sanitation, food, and the basic essentials needed for survival. This organization has offices all over the globe and work to reduce poverty and provide resources to developing countries in need. From water tanks, to tents, to water sanitation tablets, Oxfam provides outstanding resources and have created amazing innovations. I believe that Oxfam greatly relates to Sustainable Development Goal #6 which is Clean Water and Sanitation. I think it relates to this one the most because one of Oxfam’s top priorities is to provide resources for clean water and sanitation and ensure that these people have clean water and proper sanitation. Oxfam fights for the world’s poorest population’s voices to be heard and fight to reduce inequalities and injustices. Visiting Oxfam made me realize even more about how doing the smallest things can help people in need, from donating to volunteering to simply signing a petition all of these smalls things go a long way for populations in need. London has been such a great learning and growing experience and has made me more excited for my future career as a public health professional! #usfgcp #GCPStudyAbroad #RockyIsAGlobalCitizen

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