The Coolest Rocks Around

Bonjour to all!

It’s Jessica again coming at you with my final blog post from London! I have one more full day left in this beautiful and all I can say is that I can’t believe an entire month has already gone by! I don’t want to leave. I feel like I have grown so accustom to city life in London. The sense of accomplishment I feel when I can direct myself through the tube (underground metro) without Google maps is like nothing else. I am truly going to miss the food, the liveliness, and even public transportation. I don’t want to leave! But I have bigger plans awaiting for me in the near future so I know I must put to rest this chapter in my life.

When you think of historical London what is the first thing you think of? World War I and II? Imperialism? The monarchy? Does Roman Empire cross your mind? Well, the Roman Empire is very much a part of British history. I believe the stigma attached with the Roman Empire is to think about Italy or the Mediterranean. However, the Romans did make it onto this small island off the central continent. It’s an important portion of British history that seems to get left out usually; I still wrestle with this fact in my mind despite seeing it at every museum we have visited. I mention this because this past Sunday, USF took students out to see the Roman baths in Bath. These baths were essential to healthy living during the Roman age. The bath helped reduce sickness and filth all throughout the Roman Empire. It was also a place for social outings. It was especially essential for religious worship in ancient Bath. They worshipped Minerva, the goddess of water and wisdom. Archeological finds from the temple of Minerva, artworks, tools, etc. give a sense of Roman London (formally Londinain), which of course is important to the development of modern London. By better understanding the past, we can better understand the present and create more understanding and tolerate societies.

Plus we also went to Stonehenge. I was like a 5 year old in a candy factory at Stonehenge, I was so happy and I took like a million pictures (68 to be exact). Now I know you’re probably like “Jessica they’re just rocks” and all I have to say to you is no, no they are not. If the mystery around the rocks don’t stimulate your sense of wonder and excitement, then I am not sure what I can tell you. Regardless, I am still going to post those pictures here!

The next time you all hear from me, I will be in Peru. A new adventure is about to start in my life but I would like to say last words on my experience in London. Until next week!

Jessica Viqueira

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