Time to Pack and Say Goodbye China

I’ve been in China for almost 10 weeks. I have made great memories and established strong friendships along the way. The course work is over and our finals are now behind us. We are all tired and need some rest, but what an adventure we all had! It will be sad to leave the little family we made here. I will miss you all and can’t wait to see you back on campus this fall.

One more thing before I get on the plane and say “Good Bye”. What would a trip to China be without at least one picture of the famous Giant Panda!!!!! Giant Pandas are native to central China. There are approximately 2000 still in the wild. The panda population was almost wiped out in the 1960’s due to deforestation and hunting. Pandas eat 99 percent bamboo and the destruction of their food supply almost lead to their extinction. Pandas are known for their beautiful black and white fur and their sweet disposition.The Giant Panda was on the brink of extinction until worldwide attention in the 1970’s. Giant pandas were actually the first international exchange program between China and West. Pandas are now found in major zoos around the world and their population is increasing. A worldwide breeding program has ensured the survival of the Giant Panda. Babies born in zoos outside of China are returned to their homeland and participate in an ongoing breeding program. I guess you can say that Giant Pandas and study abroad students have something in common. We unite the world, we learn from each other and bring us all closer together.

Good Bye China!


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