Time flys when you’re having the time of your life!

The time here just keeps flying right on by me it’s crazy. 3 weeks I’ve been in London and it feels like so much longer. I leave this upcoming week which makes me sad, I’m not ready to go back yet. I mean I miss my family and boyfriend but I love it so much here. I thought it was going to take longer for me adjust to the difference in culture and how things are done here but I adjusted fairly fast. Thinking about going home, I know it’s going to feel so weird when I get back. Anyway this week was jam-packed with a lot of excursions from my classes as well as a big program wide field trip day. My favorite thing I did this week though by far was going to a cat cafe for an hour. I’ve missed my little fur babies back home so much, that visiting a cat cafe was just the right dose of fur loving I needed. For the big program wide field trip day there were 3 different options you could chose from, the one I chose was visiting the Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, and Dover. All the students and staff met outside of the dorm at 7:30 am Sunday morning and waited for all the coach buses to come pick us up. Leeds Castle was about an hour and 20 minute drive from the dorm. So after all the students and staff loaded all up on the bus we set out on our journey. Along the way we had a lady tour guide point out and give us various historical information on different things that we were passing. Once we got to Leeds Castle we had a guided tour of the castle and then had the opportunity to wander around the premises a bit once the tour was over. The castle sat on 500 acres of land and was open to the public for various activities to keep the place up and running and in tip top shape. Our next stop of the day was Canterbury Cathedral and that was about 45 minutes away from Leeds Castle. When we got there the bus had to drop us off a little ways away from the entrance since it was located inside a small shopping village. Here we had full leisure of walking around and exploring the inside and the outside middle garden area. It was an old building Roman Cathedral that had great photograph spots that I took full advantage of. Once we looked around inside, my friends and I went and looked around in the shops in the village for souvenirs. After about 2 hours of being there it was time to load back up on the bus and head to our final destination of the day, Dover. Dover was about a 25 minute drive and it was a city located right on the English Channel. Since it was Sunday, the Dover Castle was closed but the bus parked across the street so that we could all get some good shots of the castle. The castle is located on the White Cliffs so our bus drive drove us down the cliff and into the town. He was able to pull over to the side of the road and let us off to go down on the shore and get some great photos of the cliff. Our tour guide was determined to get us even better photos of the Dover White Cliffs so she had our bus driver drive along on the cliff in search of a nice spot to let us off and take pictures. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a spot for our bus to pull over so we just headed back to the dorms to end our big tour day of the program. It was a 2 hour bus ride back and it was nap time since we had been out for about 12 hours.

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