Cinque Terre!

It’s crazy how much time is flying here! It’s our first three day weekend and my roommates and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity! We have all been in love with the idea of Cinque Terre and have decided to take this adventure on. We hopped on a train 5 minutes prior to departure and found ousrselves sitting in the aisle. All the seats had been taken and we had 2 hours to go. As hours passed, various individuals got off with their lumpy suitcases. Finally, 30 minutes before getting off we were able to find a seat for ourselves. As we got off on our first stop we hopped on our transfer train and rode for 5 minutes before the beautiful blue ocean was in our view. Astonished at the view, we ran off our train getting our phones out for pictures. It’s safe to say this was one of the most majestic and fulfilling trips in Italy. I was able to make friends that I could really see my self hanging out with. This trip brought on a lot of frustration as we hiked for hours, but ultimately brought us together as we ran to the fifth city and it’s beach.

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