Trip to the Vatican State!

I visited the Vatican state this Wednesday in order to partake in a once in a lifetime trip in order to see the pope. My friends and I woke up bright and early in the morning the day of in order to hop on the train. It was fairly difficult to buy the ticket and then we had simple issues with validating the ticket… It was fairly embarrassing to watch as the Italians were just staring at us in disappointment. It was fairly hot and I recommend bringing an umbrella as the mass on Wednesday is an open space with a LOT of sun exposure. During the entrance of St.Peters Basilica, you’re already in awe over the beautiful architecture. We sat down and listened to the pope speak in Italian and a small portion of Spanish as many Spanish groups were there that day. They transitioned through priest every so often who spoke in various languages in order to translate. Overall, the experience was worth the long trip to the vatican and I wish I could have spent more than a day in the Vatican. After the mass, the pope was kind enough to walk down and visit us and give blessings in what we called his “pope mobile”. We ate some delicious pasta and back to our train we went!

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