Upadate From Florence!!

Hi, it’s Ryan again posting from Florence Italy! Sorry I have not posted in a while! I have been sick recently from all of the traveling around so it has been difficult to balance that, school work and the blog. I am having an amazing time in Italy though! I have already traveled to Pisa, Sienna, Ferrara, and Cinque Terre and will be traveling to Rome this weekend! The culture and overall atmosphere over here is so much different that the United States. Life seems to be a lot more relaxed and laid back for the Italian people. In the United States, everyone gets their coffee in a to go cup and is in such a rush to get to where they are going. However in Italy, it is not common for the Italian people to get there coffee to go. No matter where you are headed it is customary to sit down and have a coffee in a ceramic cup from the coffee shop as opposed to running out the door with a paper cup in hand.

Going off of the concept of not being in a rush for coffee, it is also common for Italians to not be on time to where they need to be. If a store says that it opens at 8:00 am, it is not uncommon for the owner to be late and open the shop at 8:30. People just either sit outside and wait for the store to open, or go grab coffee and wait it out in a coffee shop. Life is just a lot more laidback and less stressful over here! There’s even a saying that some Italians like to say over here that Americans live to work, but Italian’s work to live. I think this is a beautiful statement and a great summary of the overall feel of Italy.

In regards to the UN Sustainable development goals, I think that Italy excels at responsible consumption and production. Italians are extremely conservative when it comes to their global footprint and are known for using very little resources. For example, in Italy there are no clothes dryers as they are very expensive and consume a lot of energy. Therefore, everyone over here has clothes-lines and utilize them to air dry their laundry. Another aspect that illustrates the Italian conservation techniques are the plastic bags that are given in stores. In Italy, people realize that plastic bags are responsible for a large majority of city pollution and are a hazard to the natural environment. To combat this, plastic bags cost 10 cents per bag over here! This cost for plastic bags deter people from using an excess amount and encourages people to bring their own reusable bags. Overall, these are brilliant techniques that align directly with the UN sustainable development goals and I believe that they should be adopted in other countries as well.

Ciao for now!!

One thought on “Upadate From Florence!!

  1. It sounds like USF students could really benefit from the Italian pace of life! In London, the bags here cost 5 cents which also shocked me. Both countries seem to have found ways to deter wasteful spending and indulgence in non-biodegradable materials.


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