Navigating Through London!

London has provided me with so many valuable learning experiences that I will forever be grateful for and taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined in just these couple weeks. Coming to a new and unfamiliar place with new people is never easy and definitely took some time to adjust to. Being from Florida my whole life, I have always driven anywhere I needed to go and rarely walk or use public transit to get around. It truly amazes me how people in London walk around so much and use the underground tube to do basically everything (work, school, to local places, to travel, etc). Learning how the tube system and public transit system in general works in London has been a very valuable experience for me and will greatly benefit me throughout my life.

Many learning moments during my trip so far have come from navigating the underground system. The underground is a huge transit system, it has many different lines which each take you to different parts of London and if you can’t understand how it works then getting around London could be quite difficult. By reading the maps provided in the underground stations and by using the underground every day, I have become very familiar with the system and I am now very confident when going to new places in London. As I plan to travel in my future career, I feel that London has taught me that there are many other options of transportation other than just driving everywhere. My experiences with learning to navigate the underground system greatly reflect the Global Citizens Project Outcomes of practice and knowledge. I believe it reflects practice because without my actions of using the system each day, I would not have successfully been able to navigate around this new and unfamiliar place. I think it reflects knowledge because I am now familiar with using a transport system of a different country and culture, I also gained knowledge about how to respect the rules of London’s transport system. All in all, London has taught me so much more than I could ever ask for and I am so thankful for all of my experiences in London. #USFgcp #GCPStudyAbroad #RockyIsAGlobalCitizen

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