Florence, Ferrara, Venice

Gondola in Venice
Duomo in Florence
Cathedral in Ferrara

Florence life is very different than life in Tampa.  One big difference includes eating out.  In Florence, lunch and dinner are more emphasized than breakfast; whereas in Tampa, breakfast and dinner is emphasized.  For breakfast in Florence, coffee and pastries are the norm.  Back in Tampa, pancakes, bacon, waffles, eggs, pastries, and more is a usual breakfast.  Here in Florence, however, lunch and diner are more important, and Italians eat at later times along with spending a lot more time at a restaurant than do people in Tampa.  The people in Florence are not as much in a rush as the people are back home.  I know that all of Italy is not the same.  Other Italian cities differ from Florence.  Recently, I visited Ferrara and Venice.

Ferrara, a city I went to for a day, is much calmer than Florence.  The climate seemed different, the city  is smaller, and it has its own traditions.  Ferrara is not as well known as Florence or Venice, so it has fewer tourists and is much less crowded.  Ferrara still has much to offer–it has a castle, a grand cathedral, gardens, biking along the city’s walls, and its own individual culture.  The climate is also different from Florence in how it is more humid, like Florida, and the weather is more extreme with hot summers and cold winters.

Venice is even more different than Florence and Ferrara.  It has many more attractions, more people, interesting city layout and more.  Venice is filled with places to go–churches, museums, and gondola tours.  Because of this, Venice has more tourists than even Florence.  It seemed that there were less locals.  The streets were narrower with transportation only being walking or by boat for at least the inner city.

All three cities are examples of the UN Sustainable development goal of peace, justice and strong institutions.  While Florence is said to have been founded in 59 BC by Julius Caesar, Venice was granted trading rights in the 8th century, and Ferrara was founded in the late 1500’s.  I think their existence through time reveals that they have accomplished this development goal of having strong institutions.

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