Week of Firsts and Top 5 Things to do in Venice in One day

This week has been a week of firsts. I had my first Biochemistry exam which was nerve wrecking and had me studying for hours, but went really well. I also got to experience my first surgery. Although I had previously shadowed doctors in many specialties, surgery had never before been part of my experience. On Friday, I had the opportunity to visit Careggi teaching hospital in Florence with a group of 7 other students to observe several surgeries performed by a Urologist. The first two I observed were robotic surgeries. This type of surgery is the direction in which medicine is going towards due to the advantages for both the patient and the doctor. Then, the last surgery was a sex change from female to male. This type transition has to be done in several stages due to its complexity.I was able to observe the first surgery in which a new sexual organ was created. Being able to observe was very exciting and has verified my strong desire to go into medicine ( and quite possibly become a surgeon too!).

In addition to what I previously stated, I was also able to visit Venice, Italy for the first time. Venice is a city that is built upon small islands. I was there for one day and here are my recommendations of top 5 things to do:

  1. Ride a Gondola: yes it is absolutely cheesy and yes it is overpriced but it is also an amazing experience. It will feel surreal to be riding on a small boat through the canals of the city. I highly recommend splurging on this.
  2. Glass Blowing Demonstration: Venice is directly North from Murano, the “Glass Island”. However, if you are short on time and can’t visit Murano, Venice has a thriving industry of glass artisans. Watch a glass blowing demonstration, which can be seen for FREE in many places. You never know if you will fall in love with a glass cup set or glass jewelry.
  3. Visit the Realto Bridge: This is the main pedestrian bridge that goes over the Gran Canal. It is considered a true architectural success due to the fact that it is only connected to the sides. Walk through the shops and enjoy the view.
  4. St. Marks Basilica: this Cathedral is beautifully decorated with gold ground mosaics. It is said that the gold could cover 1 and a half American football fields. It is also located in the same square as the San Marco Campanile and Doges Palace, so it is a must see stop.
  5. Ride a water taxi: Getting  to Venice can be done in many ways. The water taxi is highly recommended so that you are able to observe the whole city from a further perspective.

This week has been full of amazing adventures. Italy has my heart!


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