Observing my first surgery

A small portion of my classmates and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to observe 3 surgeries yesterday. We traveled to Santa Maria Novella where we met across the Mcdonald’s for a delicious morning breakfast. We visited Careggi University Hospital and met with the very kind hearted, Dr. Gavazzi. We were able to observe a robotic prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, and a sexual reassignment. The day before observation, I was a little nervous. I was asking questions as to: “what if I faint and realize I cannot be a surgeon?”, “What if I make a mistake while observing and ruin their surgery?”, but all those feeling subsided while in surgery. They were kind enough to provide us with stools to look over the doctors shoulders and be so close to the surgeons. This was an amazing experience and makes me strive to become the best surgeon even more.

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