How has two weeks already gone by?

Today marks two weeks of being here and I got to say it sure does not feel like two weeks have already come and gone. I have been having such a great time that time has just been flying right past me. This past week I have done so many new things. I went and explored a couple new areas which was a lot of fun. I explored an area called Notting Hill. Notting Hill is a more upper class area with building that look like they would be apartments but in actuality they were just very tall narrow houses with a small front yard as well as what it looked like could be a backyard as well. The one road we explored the most on was called Portobello Road. This road had a ton of different little shops and cafe’s all up and down the street, the whole street was just super cute and I loved exploring it. Another area that I had the opportunity to explore is Convent Garden, I had just so happened to stumble upon this area while looking for a Wells Fargo bank so I could get some money out. Upon looking for it my phone died and I was alone so I headed back to the dorms and waited until my friend got out of class and we went back and looked around. While there we stumbled upon a cute cupcake place so we had to of course get some. These cupcakes were the best cupcakes I had ever had. We also discovered this cute restaurant called Bills that had the greatest ribs I had ever had in my life. The next day with a small group of girls from my morning class we went and explored an area called Brick Lane. This area had a ton of graffiti and street art, looking at all the artwork was amazing. I felt so immersed and surrounded by so much culture all at once. After exploring we ate at this amazing Mexican place that had the best burritos ever. Towards the end of the week I had the pleasure to go on two excursions with my Behavioral class. The first one we went on was to the Freud Museum. This museum was at the house he spend the last year and a half of his life living in as well as doing some of his final work. It was interesting learning about his life and the work he had done. I had only wished that it would have gone in more greater detail about his theories than it did. The second excursion was to the Foundling Museum, which is a museum of an old time orphanage/ foster home. I loved hearing and learning about the stories of these children and the things they were put through while being at this foster home. It crazy though hearing about how it was back then and comparing it to present day. For the rest of the week my friends and I we went shopping and explored Oxford Street. Saturday night we went out for a girls night out on the town and hung out at a restaurant called Be at One. It was nice just being able to relax and hang out with my girls. After a couple of hours we went and walked around the area and went over the Tower Bridge and went to go find some food to end out evening. Sunday evening was my final excursion of  the week and we went to the Royal Festival Hall and saw a performance of Philip Venable’s “Illusions.” This was a very interesting song, an orchestra played the music while a guy on screen named David Hoyle went on a rant about Sexuality. Trying to hear what he was saying over the music was difficult due to the loud music. After the first round of it Philip Venable came on stage and did a Q&A with one of ladies that was running the whole show, then they played the song again. During the second time I was able to grasp more of the message that was trying to be conveyed. It was defiantly an interesting and memorable experience.

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