Balance Everywhere I Go

This week has been full of interesting adventures! To start off the week, our Physician Observation class visited Dr. Zippelius, an orthopedic doctor who specializes in Chinese medicine. His practice was very unique because in my experience I have not seen any practicing M.D.’s incorporate Eastern medicine while treating patients. This inspired me, because I have been interested in Eastern medicine in the past; however, I felt like I would have to choose between an Eastern or Western path, but after seeing him practice I know I can incorporate both.

Another beautiful part of my week was my trip to Venice on Saturday! The architecture was stunning and I got to see an art installation that made me appreciate the combination of old art mixing with new art. There were large hands appearing from the water that appeared to be grabbing the side of a building. Such balance was similar to having a combination of Western and Eastern medicine in Dr. Zippelius’ practice. Although having one type of art or practice is nice, I think they become even more special when combined.

I later learned that this art piece called “Support” by Lorenzo Quinn, was made to call attention to climate change that is threatening the city of Venice. This addresses the UN’s sustainable development goal “climate action.” By creating an interesting piece of artwork, the artist is engaging tourists that will leave the city with an important message in the back of their minds. Climate change could make Venice disappear in a matter of a couple of decades. This piece was meaningful to me and inspired me to go out and create awareness about this issue, and I hope that others will also leave with a sense of urgency that action must be taken before this beloved city disappears.

While in Venice I also had the chance to ride on a gondola which gave me a beautiful view of the city from the water. I was lucky and got to sit at the head of the gondola which made me feel like I was in a movie! Overall, I had a wonderful time, and wish I could go back despite the exhausting heat!

Throughout these two weeks I have felt thankful that I’m able to experience all the beautiful art that is here despite being in a science program. The balance is refreshing, and I am witnessing and learning about topics that I generally wouldn’t have time to delve into much back home. This week I am looking forward to going to the famous Uffizi gallery to learn about art from the Italian Renaissance. Until next time, ciao!

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