Great Experience with Fellow Bulls

I am glad to have been able to take study abroad with these 17 individuals. We each have different personalities and interest that we brought with us on this trip. This has allowed me to be able to understand how people from different backgrounds and cultures can still have fun together and manage to get along well.

It was also interesting seeing how we all handled the culture change in our own way. Everyone in the group brought a new perspective to my eyes and I can say that I’ve learned from them not just about who they are, but more about myself. My likes and dislikes, how I can handle living with others, and how to survive outside the U.S.

The program was a blessing. It has broaden my horizon and introduced me to a variety of successful people and companies. I have the desire to eventually own my own firm. This trip has definitely fueled my ambition again to learn all that I can about myself and the world so that I can make a difference in society.


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