I can’t believe over a week has already passed, time is going by so fast in Florence! The view is breathtaking and unrealistic. Even though I know I took this picture, I still can’t believe I saw this.

Going through the streets of Florence is an amazing experience because they are so different from how the roads in Florida are. Most of the roads are one lane only so the cars can only drive in one direction and the parked motorcycles and cars take up half the road. The sidewalks are also really narrow. The city also has rules for taking out the trash and there are locations around the city to discard it in separate containers, i.e. recycle, trash, and organic. It is a great way to save energy and use their resources to keep the city clean and healthy. This is connected to one of the UN Goals, Sustainable Cities and Communities. One of the most shocking moments I had so far was that most of the apartments and buildings also do not have A.C., but fans are used throughout the day for some cool air. The windows are kept open to help ventilate the rooms. It is great to see how so many people around the world live their daily lives. The items that might be normal to us are a luxury to others and vice versa. The city uses its resources efficiently and is able to provide basic services and energy for many people. It was a little difficult to adjust to the different settings but there are definitely clear advantages and disadvantages! I am really happy I get to experience this and remain here for another 4 weeks as there is so much left to see and be a part of!! 😀

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