Advertising Transcending Culture

For the past week and a half I’ve been in Paris. We’ve been here visiting a lot of the world’s leading global agencies. At every agency there’s been one thing I noticed when it comes to advertising on a global scale.

Studying advertising and trying to get the Global Citizen’s Award, I’ve been trying to understand how campaigns work globally. How can one idea transcend culture, language, and art? How can a single campaign run in different countries and not lose its relevance nor offend anyone? I realized, yes it’s the big idea, but what makes it successful across cultures is the human emotion behind it. It’s not the message that such and such stain remover is so great, it’s the mom scrubbing her kid’s clothes until her hands bleed trying to get the food or dirt stains out, because she always wants him to look his best, but maybe this stain remover can help her.

We may dress differently, we may eat different things, and we may listen to different music, but we all know happiness, sadness, love, etc. At the core of all people, we are the same, we all feel the same way. That feeling is what advertisers try to speak to.

Let’s put all differences aside and get back to what unites us all; human emotions. Let us comfort one another in times of darkness, let us fuel the fire that ignites passion, and let us rejoice in the joy felt by others.

Here’s examples of some of the emotions we have felt during our trip to France.

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