Week 2 in London! The Happiest of Times!

London is such an amazing place with so much to offer, each day continues to amaze me more and more. During this study abroad trip so far, I have explored many places and have learned so much and my global mindset continues to grow each day! On my last class excursion, we went to the Old Operating Theatre and also a short tour of some old hospital buildings and of St. George’s Churchyard Gardens.

While in the churchyard gardens, we saw and learned a lot about herbal and natural medicines that were used by the old Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals. We also got the opportunity to learn that this garden is where many patients from the hospitals were buried and we even got to see some of the graves of these people! We saw many herbal plants, and one of my all-time favorites is Lavender which was an antiseptic and also used for lowering fevers. Another interesting plant was the box hedging which was a strong toxin but the top clippings of the box hedging was used to treat syphilis. On the way out of the garden we also saw on the outer edge an herbal plant known as “sweet gum” which is a Native American herb used for skin complaints. The garden was very interesting and it was cool to learn about different kinds of herbal medicines and what they used to treat with each herb. Many public health organizations focus on herbal medicine and do a lot of research on the types and the uses for them so it was great to learn about medicines that were used them and still being used in public health today. After the churchyard gardens, we then got to go into the Old Operating Theatre which was by far one of my favorite excursions! Inside the Old Operating Theatre, they had tons of herbal remedies that the hospitals used back then as treatment and had descriptions on what each herbal medicine was used to treat! I believe that these herbal remedies most relates to UN Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health and Well-Being as well as Life on Land. Not only do these herbal remedies promote healthy living but these herbs need to be protected and taken care of as life on land. The Old Operating Theatre was a great excursion and I learned a lot about public health and even got to learn a lot about MCH from a totally new perspective! London has given me so many great opportunities to expand my knowledge and I am so glad to be learning about public health abroad! #usfgcp #rockyisaglobalcitizen

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