July 4th, Just Another Day in Paris

I welcomed July 4th by watching the Eiffel Rower twinkle at midnight. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, but wow I have absolutely loved not being in America and having to hear the stupid new headlines about the stupid things Trump says.

I eventually went to sleep and woke up to go to HAVAS. I wasn’t feeling so well this morning, so I decided to sleep late and give my body some well deserved rest. The last thing I want to do is get sick on this trip. Anyways, HAVAS is an agency under HAVAS Worldwide, go figure, right? They were originally founded in 1835 as a media agency, which makes them one of the oldest agencies to date. They eventually figured out that an agency cannot be purely media. Media needs creative to thrive, so today they believe success is “math + magic.” They specialize in ads that combine media and creative genius. They had a whole day scheduled for us, which I really appreciated. First we got a presentation describing what HAVAS is all about and how they operate. Then, we got to experience the connected couch they created, otherwise known as Marty. I’m going to skip trying to explain that in detail, because it’s absolutely wild, so check out the video below. After getting a mini massage from Marty, we walked through the whole agency, which deserves its own ZIP code. To finish everything we went to their entertainment department, where we met a Mr. William Jefferson. He was hilarious and I remember him so well, because he had a super American name.

After HAVAS, AJ, Daniel, Morgan and I kind of had to rush back to the hotel because we wanted to make The Avalanches concert. The Avalanches is electronic music group that takes clips of old audio tracks and combines them to make a new sound and then includes their own rap over them. They have a really cool, different sound. Their concert was i n c r e d i b l e. The venue was amazing. It had wooden floors and velvet walls, so the sound traveled like I’d never heard before and the floors were shaking. I made it the front row and I could actually see the drops of sweat on Robbie Chater’s forehead. It was especially cool, because the Avalanches hadn’t produced an album or gone on tour for 16 years. Anyways go check them out, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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