Remarkable First Week

It has been one week since I have arrived here in London. So far the trip has been remarkable, from all the cool sites I saw and visited to even my classes. The second day of being here the whole program went on a dinner cruise along the Thames River. While on this cruise we were able to see many eye attractive sites such as, the London Eye, House of Parliament, Big Ben, and several other historical sites. For my first field trip for my Media, Power and Sexuality class and we went on a walking tour for Jack the Ripper. For those that have never heard of him just like me, he was a serial killer that killed 5 women that were prostitutes. He didn’t just kill these women and leave them dead he sliced them open and dismantled their insides and stole some of their organs. These murders were extremely gruesome and Jack the Ripper was never found. During this walking tour we learned about all 5 of the murders and visited the sites at which the women were found dead.

For my other class Family Behavioral on Friday for our first field trip, we visited the top psychiatric ward facility here in London. This experience was rather interesting and since I had never been to a mental health facility I was unsure on what to expect. The managerial staff spoke with us about the various treatment that is provided there as well as the NHS. The NHS is an organization in London called the National Health Services, they provide various services to the nation regarding mental health and such. Along with learning about the various treatments offered there we also got a tour of the facility and was able to see the practices in use. The patients are allowed to roam freely within limits and each ward has its own separate garden with a unique mural painted on the wall outside.

The first weekend was the cherry on top of the whole first week. This past weekend we were able to use what is called the London Pass. The London Pass gets us in for free at several attractions throughout the city or will get us a nice discount. Saturday morning we made a journey over to the Windsor Castle. The Windsor Castle was such a breathtaking site to see inside and out. While there we got the opportunity to see the Changing of the Guards happen, which was actually quite a long process about 30 minutes in duration, it was a very interesting process to see though. We were able to take lots of photos outside but not while we looked around inside. Later that evening we went on a bus night tour and saw the city at dusk, since it doesn’t get dark until about 10 pm. The tour took us past the Big Ben, House of Parliament, the Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and much more. After the tour, my girls and I got some dinner at the Shake Shak. After dinner two of the girl headed back to the dorms and the rest of us went over to Borough Market. We ended up walking along the Thames River went across the London Bridge to the other side of the river, walked all the way along the other side of the river to the the Tower Bridge explored and took photos on the bridge and then back along the river and back to the tube station. That night was filled with just adventure, laughter, jokes, and of course a butt load of wonderful photos that just never does justice of how wonderful the city looks at night. On Sunday, we toured the Tower of London. The Tower of London was really cool to see because it held of a lot of great historic importance in the city. A lot of battles and wars were fought at that sight. After the Tower of London we stopped and had some lunch and then our group split and went off in separate ways. My group and I headed over to the London Zoo. For those that don’t know me I am a huge animal lover. If it involves any kind of animal I am right there. The zoo was beautiful and defiantly not like any of the zoo’s I have been to in the states. Oh and the best part was when a monkey tried stealing my phone by reaching his little hand out through the enclosure and grabbed my phone as I was trying to take a picture of him.

Below is a picture of me at the Windsor Castle!

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