Field Trips Galore!

It has officially been more than a week since I first arrived in Florence, and I could not be happier. Florence is a beautiful, bustling city with cute shops on every corner of the street. During the first view days of getting adjusted, the biggest surprise to me was to see that the waste situation is quite remarkable; there are organic bins along with recycling and regular trash. I think it’s wonderful that something so simple is a standard procedure in every day waste management. Composting is a small step in the right direction to diminish our carbon footprints. This particular action is related to the UN’s sustainable development goal of “sustainable cities and communities.” By reducing waste, we are making cities more sustainable for the future.
Our trips to Siena, Pistoia, and Prato were all very charming, and I felt like even the smallest towns in Italy had so much to offer. We arrived in Siena the day before the annual Palio di Siena (an annual, traditional horse race), and watching the town prepare for their traditional event was truly charming. Groups of people in the same district get together to have a drink and sing their district song, which could be heard from several streets away.
Pistoia and Prato were perfect examples of smaller towns having their own sort of charm. Each town had a unique history that was very interesting and intertwined with other cities which really displayed how different cities in Italy influenced each other during their creation and development. Below are some pictures from the field trips!

I as I prepare for assignments in my courses, I am spending an increased amount of time at home which lets me prepare dinner (mostly pasta!) instead of going out to eat. It has taken a couple of tries, but I think I’m getting the hang of it! Being able to enjoy local foods is a treat in itself, and I am having a grand time choosing an unfamiliar grocery item every time I visit the local grocery store.
That’s all for now, I’ll check in next week! Ciao!

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