Week 2 in Italy!

Week one in Italy is FINITO.
From losing our hot water to introducing myself to 6 other girls as my room mate, I can really say I’m immersing myself in a different lifestyle. The cultural reminds me of a sweet fruit: home. Originally from Mexico City, the atmosphere of family floats in the air as you see grandchildren with their grandparents strolling through Plaza Duomo. The coffee is strong the food is sweet and the water is always sparkling. The reality of being half way across the world didn’t really strike me until I kept hearing Italian voices around me. I’m sure I’ve averaged around 10 miles a day through 4 different cities, getting around classes, and even carrying groceries down 5 blocks. With adjustment and germs, my body couldn’t seem to defend itself and decided to catch a cold. However, on the bright side my worst fear didn’t become a reality. My room mates have actually been great and are beginning to really distinguish themselves as great friends. With Sienna, Pistoa, and Prato all in one weekend tired does not begging to describe how I feel. Yet, this feeling of being grateful never fades. Grateful for an amazing beginning, grateful for my roommates (who cook me Colombian food at night), grateful to share this experience with my boyfriend, grateful for the view, and hopefully grateful that my cold will be over soon. That wraps up week one in Italy! 🇮🇹

Laura Garcia-Torres

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