Wake Up, and Smell the Gelato

Ciao dolls !

Well it has officially been one full week here in the gorgeous city of Florence, Italy and boy has it been a ride so far! Between getting settled into my new apartment, meeting the 5 new girls I would be spending the next six weeks with, and starting both of my classes, I am totally pooped! In just a matter of 7 days I have visited three cities, been on countless tours, ate unhealthy amounts of gelato and seen some of the most amazing sites I have ever seen in my life time. Italy, is more than I could have ever imagined and hoped for, not just culturally, but also professionally. This week we had our first physician observation with one of the best sports medicine doctors in all of Italy, Dr. Manetti. This was truly the experience of a life time, not only did Dr. Manetti explain what it was like to work as a doctor for a world renown soccer team, he explained his own  story on what led him to medicine.

The fun did not stop there! Exploring the city of Florence as well as three others truly made me feel like the world traveler I knew I was always meant to be. Between the food, the cathedrals and the sites it has been extremely overwhelming in the best way possible. I have not only fallen in love with the culture, but the people and the city have truly taken a place in my heart as well. Although this week was both exciting and scary, I have to say it has been a very eventful start to the journey of a life time!

Until next time,




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